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Puja Materials

• Picture of Shree Chitragupta(with 12 sons and both wives) • Sandalwood • Roli • Mauli • Dhoop • Cotton • Betel leaves • Areca Nut • Gulaal • Yellow mustard • Gangaajal(holy water) • Rice (coloured in yellow) • Sesame • Millet • Milk • Curd • Honey • Sugar • Ginger • Ghee • Bowl(copper or bronze) • Sacred thread(Janeu) • Earthen Pot • Paper plate • Camphor • Seasonal fruits • Panchapatra • Ink Pen • Ink Pot • Ink • Garland • Flowers • Clothes( 2 red and 1 yellow) • Wooden stool (chaukee) • Wooden Plank • Mat • Sweets • Spoon • Arghaa • Matchbox • Basil leaves • Vessel(kalash) • Mug(Lota) • Grass • Lamp • Mango Leaves • Cloves • Cardamon • Plain Papers • Earthen Bowl-2

(Hawan Samagree)

∗ Hawan Kund
∗ Ghee
∗ Sesame
∗ Rice
∗ Barley / Jau
∗ Hawan Samagree Packet
∗ Dry Mango Wood

Worship Preaparation:-

Make worship place neat and clean. All people should take bath and wear clean clothes. Cover the chauki/stool with red cloth and place statue or picture of God Chitragupta. Place statue or picture of Shree Ganesh.If picture or statue of Shree ganesh is not available then make Shree Ganesh to cover areca nut with mauli and place on the stool/chauki. Filled vessel (kalash) with pure water. Wash mango leaves and fruits. Mix milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar in a bowl and make panchaamrit. Mix molasses in ginger juice to prepare prasad. Filled water in panchpatra and mix some drops of gangaajal in it. Fill an earthen bowl with sugar. Fill second earthen bowl with mustard.

Pujan Vidhi / Worship Method:-

Devotees should sit with their family members on mat/red blanket towards east facing.


Take water from panchapatra through flower or spoon in right hand, sprinkle it on all worship/ pujan materials & present people including self and chant the mantra “Om Apavitrah ……. Shuchih”. All people and worship material will be purified through this mantra chanting and water. Mantra for purification/pavitrikaran
Om Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarvavasthaang Gatohapiva
Yah Smaret Pundarikaaxan Sa Vaahyabhyantarah Shuchih

Mouth cleanliness

Take water thrice in right hand through flower or spoon to cleanliness of mouth.
Now drink the water with chanting mantra “Om Keshavaay Namah”
Now drink the water with chanting mantra “Om Narayanaay Namah”
Now drink the water with chanting mantra “Om Vaasudevaay Namah”
After that wipe your lips through thumb finger of right hand and chant the mantra “Om Hrishikeshay Namah”