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Chitragupta Story Page 2/13

I am telling you the story which you never heard before.God Brahma, who continuosly create, nurture and finally destroy the creation.I explained you the details that how that undefined and calmed,God Brahma, imagined about this world previously.Brahma Jee generated four varns from different parts of his body; Braahman from mouth,Kshatriya from hand,vaishya from thigh and Shudra from feet.He also created two feeted,four feeted,six feeted animals , reptiles,planets and different living oraganisam at same time.After that he called his elder son Suvrat( stunning like surya) and ordered- “O Suvrat! You have to diligently protect whole world. ” O Bhaarat! Now I told you what he (Brahma) did after given the order to his son Suvrat for nourishment. After that Brahma Jee did meditatation for ten thousands hundred years and finally get relaxed.