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Once upon a time Shree Datraatrey Jee Mahaaraaj, fourth Avtaar of Shree Naaraayan Jee, asked to the most sacred and divine saint Shree Pulistay Jee that kindly explained us about the origination and expansion of univesrse .What is the story behind the origination of Kayastha clan.What is the rituals and process to worship Chitragupta.What type of reward given by Chitragupta to his devotees.the benifit to worship Chitragupta. I have very strong desire to know these in detail. Shree Pulistya Muni replied – “O Datraatrey Jee! You have asked most important question. Previously, the same question had already asked by Bheeshm Pitaamah to me about the Chitragupta fast method and story. And that time what I was explained to Pitaamah which I am repeating for you. Listen it carefully. ”

Shri Bheeshma Pitaamah asked to Pulastya Muni – “O Mahamune! Kindly explain about the kaayastha.What is their class and dynasty? I am very eager to know about their detail story.I know that you are capable to clear my doubts. So, kindly explain the sacred story.” Pulastya Muni replied to Gangaa’s son Bhishm Pitaamah very gladly- “O Gaangey! I explain you the story of kayaastha origin.